WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) released the sixth video in its documentary series, “Identity Crisis.” 

The latest mini documentary tells the story of Cat Cattinson, a semi-professional musician who permanently lost her natural singing voice after just three months on testosterone. With ‘top surgery’ scheduled and a legal name change already in the works, Cat realized it was all a mistake. Now on the other side, Cat is sharing her story to warn of the dangers of “gender-affirming care” and how medical providers are haphazardly prescribing life-altering hormones and surgeries under the false premise that it will make them feel better.

For Cat, attempting to “transition” made her mental health issues worse, and caused irreversible damage to her body and voice. 

“When I was talking to the doctor at Planned Parenthood, it was so easy for me to be like… ‘Yeah, I’ve struggled with an eating disorder, but that’s really gender dysphoria. I struggled with depression and anxiety, but of course it’s just because I was really trans this whole time. It was really my gender dysphoria that is the root issue and same thing with alcoholism and everything else,’” said Cat. “So essentially, what that does is it causes this superficial treatment process that is really just addressing the physical body and its body modification basically. You’re trying to use body modification to treat a mental illness.”

IWF’s “Identity Crisis” series tells the stories of four mothers whose daughters fell victim to gender ideology, two detransitioners who now warn of the harms of socially and medically transitioning, and one mental health professional who rails against her profession for prioritizing political correctness over public health.

Kelsey Bolar, senior policy analyst at IWF and executive producer of the series, said, “Cat’s story highlights the harms that doctors and medical providers are inflicting by haphazardly prescribing hormones and medical treatments to children and young adults who don’t know what they’re getting into. When the reckoning comes, which it will, doctors and mental health professionals will finally be exposed for what they’ve done: mutilating the bodies of children and young adults under the guise of ‘compassion’ and ‘care.’”

Watch Cat’s story HERE


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