Whenever we look at changing crime statistics, it’s important to look at all the contributing factors when determining how to improve the situation. We can all agree that less crime is better than more crime, and crime has, in fact, been on the increase. But looking at one or two factors, without looking at them all, isn’t the whole truth. And we want the whole truth so that we can determine how to reduce crime. 

This is similar to a doctor making a diagnosis without all the relevant information. The treatment might actually make the patient worse. In this case, we want to make sure that any solutions to increasing crime actually have the desired effect: an actual decrease in crime. 

Violent crime is on the rise nationwide, but are so-called “MAGA gun laws” responsible for a greater crime increase in red states vs. blue states, or is this idea merely political mudslinging?

“Extreme MAGA gun laws are causing an INCREASE in violent crimes in Republican-led states.”
CAP Action

Mostly false or misleading. Significant errors or omissions. Mostly make believe.

The ultimate authority on crime statistics in the U.S. is the FBI Uniform Crime Report. Unfortunately, FBI statistics lag behind a year, for obvious reasons, so we’ll have to find other sources.

To be sure, violent crime has been on the rise of late, but can this increase in crime be attributed specifically to “MAGA Gun Laws?”

The World Population Review website shows Washington, D.C. as the number one location for violent crime. Though this is certainly not a state, it is a political district, and it does lean politically left, and would not be considered red by any means, nor would any “MAGA Gun Laws” be passed there.

The next-violent state is Alaska. Currently, Alaska could be considered a red state, however, there is no indication of any “MAGA gun laws” being passed in Alaska in recent memory, triggering criminals to commit more violence than usual. As far as actual states go, Alaska has the highest violent crime rate.

New Mexico has the 2nd highest violent crime rate in the United States. In New Mexico, Democrats hold majorities in both houses, and also the governor’s mansion. This is hardly a red state.

After New Mexico comes Tennessee, which has seen violent crime rise from 6.0 per capita to 6.7. Tennessee does have a republican trifecta, with the Republican Party holding power in the house, senate, and the governor’s seat. But again, this rise in violent crime has little to do with any actual gun laws. Ironically, murder accounts for a very small percentage of this crime increase in the Volunteer State, with aggravated assault being the most frequently-reported violent crime.

Politically-charged websites often conflate violent crime with firearms for political purposes. This seems to be the primary modus operandi of the CAP Action Twitter feed. In fact, numerous tweets hurl the term MAGA as an expletive in some way. Clearly, this is a source of agitpr