This summer, I wrote an article laying out two solutions to the growing threat posed by gender ideology. The first is to stop using the nice-sounding euphemisms crafted by leftist activists to normalize an ideology that is anything but. Don’t acknowledge or use preferred pronouns; stop using phrases like “transgender,” “cisgender” and “gender identity.” Ceding to these terms grants them legitimacy and makes one an unwitting participant in a destructive lie.

The second solution is to pass legislation making it as easy as possible to sue doctors, hospitals, and healthcare providers that enable gender ideology by providing harmful, irreversible sex-change treatments, including puberty blockers, hormonal injections, and physical reconstructions. These treatments violate every ethical standard on the books, and the only reason they are being administered so readily is because the healthcare industry has realized they’re a moneymaker. Take away that financial incentive by raising the legal stakes, and healthcare providers will quickly change course.

I explain more about both of these solutions in a new five-minute video for Prager University. Our goal for this video was to make it clear that the alarming trends we’re seeing nationwide, such as skyrocketing rates for double mastectomies among adolescent girls, have not occurred in a vacuum. They are the result of a deliberate campaign to hijack our culture and untether it from any form of objectivity. If men can be women and women can be men, then everything we know to be true about biological reality can be tossed aside and replaced by new rules written to benefit a small, radical minority.

That’s exactly what we’re seeing play out now. Women are being forced to give up their sex-exclusive spaces and the privacy and safety they’re supposed to guarantee, all supposedly to accommodate an extremely tiny percentage of gender-confused men. Students, teachers, employees, doctors, etc., are expected to acknowledge and engage with preferred pronouns, including ridiculous, grammatically incorrect ones like “they/them” for the singular, to appease a rabid band of activists who enjoy forcing everyone to participate in pointless leftist do-goodism.

The demands will only become more absurd and threatening unless the public puts its foot down. Enough is enough. We will not deny what we are able to see with our own eyes; we will not be servants to a false ideology. No matter how compassionate one’s intentions might be, to acquiesce to gender ideology is to surrender a much larger cultural battle over what is true, right, and good.

Stop playing the Left’s language games. As Robert P. George once put it, “ordinary authoritarians are content to forbid people from speaking truths. Totalitarians insist on forcing people to speak untruths.”