IWF is excited to welcome Ellie Krasne as a visiting fellow. Ellie’s work centers around parental rights, free speech, and free markets, and aligns with IWF’s mission to support policies that reduce government red tape and return resources and control to people so that we have healthy communities and people can pursue their own visions of happiness.

Welcome to the team, Ellie!

Meet Ellie below.

Ellie Krasne is a writer, policy consultant, and senior fellow with Parents Defending Education Action where she researches, writes, and creates strategies that advance parental rights, free speech, free markets, and reduce government red tape. Her areas of expertise are: education and parental rights, woke capitalism and ESG, Critical Race Theory (CRT), Judaism and antisemitism, religion, and business regulations. Her work has received scholarly mentions and has been cited by the Family Research Council and the National Center for Policy Research. It has also been featured in a variety of publications including the Washington Examiner, The Daily Signal, the Jewish News Syndicate.