We are thrilled to welcome Havilah Wingfield to IWF as a visiting fellow. In her work, Havilah will focus on the best ways to reform the healthcare system and achieve higher quality care for patients. 

“I am excited to join the IWF team for what I will learn from these amazing ladies and what I will bring to the mission to enhance people’s freedom, opportunities and well-being,” said Havilah. “Most Americans are experiencing crescendoing healthcare costs, and many cannot afford the care they need. However, throwing more taxpayer money into our inefficient, somewhat bizarre “system” will not fix it nor provide care for all Americans. Plenty of reform ideas already exist, but it’s past time for policymakers to pursue these methods.”

Welcome, Havilah!

Meet Havilah below. 

Havilah Wingfield is currently a public policy graduate student at Regent University and is trained in research methods and analysis of legislation, case studies, current events, and academic authors. She is also a Health Reformers Academy fellow where she focuses on the state of the U.S. healthcare system and potential free-market reforms in healthcare financing, reducing waste, and improving accessibility.