WASHINGTON, D.C. This National School Choice Week, Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) joins advocates nationwide to celebrate education freedom and policy solutions that bring more school choice to more students. Offering educational options ensures that parents and students are not trapped in their residentially-assigned public schools. 

In celebration of NSCW, IWF announced the release of its newest podcast, Students Over Systems. Students Over Systems conversations will chart a path to greater education freedom and brighter futures. The show will feature parents sharing personal stories; advocates with a relentless desire to expand education opportunities; and policymakers who have the power to make education freedom a reality. The program airs biweekly episodes on Tuesdays with host Ginny Gentles, director of IWF’s Education Freedom Center. 

Upcoming Students Over Systems episodes include conversations with former U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

“Parents desire educational freedom, parental empowerment, and leverage,” said Ginny Gentles. “Governors and legislators are addressing the egregious power imbalance between parents and school districts by expanding school choice options. Arizona, for example, now offers education savings accounts to every K-12 student in the state, setting a gold standard for education freedom.”

“Too many schools across the country have chosen to prioritize adults rather than children and radical ideology rather than academic instruction,” continued Gentles. “Clearly, it’s time to support policies that free parents and students to choose from a wide variety of educational options. As we celebrate National School Choice Week, our country must prioritize students over systems and parental choice over union control.”

For more information, please visit IWF’s Education Freedom Center: https://www.iwf.org/efc

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IWF’s Education Freedom Center (EFC) advances school choice and empowers parents by advocating for a more vibrant education marketplace. The EFC informs the public about the benefits of education freedom and highlights school choice as a solution to the power imbalance between parents and unresponsive school districts.