Bad Ideas Have Undermined American Energy

  • We all want to protect and improve the environment, but our current energy policies are harming American families. 
  • One out of six U.S. families is falling behind on utility bills, and deadly blizzards have taken dozens of lives due to power outages and unheated homes.
  • Americans are suffering due to technically defunct promises to “end all fossil fuels,” attempts to transition the energy grid by arbitrary deadlines, and a growing and dangerous investment trend referred to as ESG.

Our Current Downgraded Energy System is Both an Embarrassment and A Choice

  • Energy systems that are prone to disruption and price spikes are the result of bad policy proposals such as net zero goals and the Green New Deal.
  • These policies, along with the ESG investment trend, distort energy markets by applying regulatory pressures and manipulating funding to boost the development of wind and solar despite their unreliable nature and high costs.
  • This, coupled with President Biden’s “whole of the government” effort to curb the use of fossil fuels, has forced energy suppliers to make planning decisions based on politics, rather than Americans’ energy needs.

We Have the Technology and Ability to Deliver Home Heat to All Americans

  • There are numerous tools and policy options available today that could restore our energy systems and deliver a steady supply of affordable heat.
  • These tools include making fossil fuels cleaner and more efficient, ending specialized subsidies for certain renewable energy sources, ensuring grid reliability or resiliency standards are technology-neutral, establishing balanced environmental standards, and more. 

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