New York, NY – On March 7, Independent Women’s Forum (IWF), the nation’s leading national women’s organization, and its grassroots arm Independent Women’s Network (IWN) will host a film screening and reception to share stories the transgender movement doesn’t want you to hear. The event will feature two prominent detransitioners: Prisha Mosley, a mentally ill teen betrayed by health professionals who recommended testosterone and ‘top surgery’, and Cat Cattinson, semi-professional singer who lost her natural singing voice after ‘gender affirming’ care.

IWF’s Identity Crisis documentary series tells the stories of mothers whose daughters fell victim to gender ideology, detransitioners who warn of the harms of socially and medically transitioning, and a mental health professional who rails against her profession for prioritizing political correctness over public health. This event marks IWN’s first stop on a nationwide tour to engage media, investors, and local chapters about what’s happening inside school systems, doctors’ offices, and beyond.

In the documentary series, Cat Cattison admits, “I realized I’d been in an echo chamber and I’d been told some really harmful things by trans activists that totally distorted my view of the world and my gender or my biological sex.”

Prisha Mosley recounts the devastation that gender ideology inflicted on her younger self, “The trans community tells you to kill your old self. It’s your dead name. I literally feel like I killed a child, and it was me.”

Kelsey Bolar, senior policy analyst at IWF and executive producer of the series, said, “Despite some lawmakers finally stepping up to protect children from the irreversible damage this movement is causing, much of the public remains in the dark about the harms of so-called ‘gender affirming care.’ Without the brave voices of detransitioners such as Prisha and Cat – and a media willing to share them – nothing will change. Taking our Identity Crisis series on the road and allowing Americans to hear from the subjects we’ve featured is an important step in righting the wrongs that continue to happen inside schools and gender clinics to this day.”

Watch Prisha’s story HERE. Watch Cat’s story HERE.


WHAT: Identity Crisis Film Tour: Real-life stories from victims of the transgender movement

WHEN: Tuesday, March 7, 2023

  • 6:00 PM | Reception
  • 7:00 PM | Screening

WHERE: New York, NY 

  • Exact location will be provided upon RSVP

WHO: Participants Available for Interview:

  • Kelsey Bolar: Executive Producer, Identity Crisis, a documentary series from Independent Women’s Forum
  • Prisha Mosley: Mentally ill teen betrayed by health professionals who left her ‘mutilated’ and ‘broken”
  • Cat Cattinson: Detransitioner loses natural singing voice after ‘gender affirming’ care

WHY: Increase awareness around Gender Ideology and the Identity Crisis series

The reception and screening are on the record and reportable.
To RSVP, contact [email protected]

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