Oberlin College, Barnard College, American University, New York University, and the University of Maine — these are just some of the alma maters of the surprisingly privileged rioters recently arrested in Atlanta. They’ve been charged with domestic terrorism, criminal trespass, aggravated assault, and other crimes under Georgia law.

The rioters — driven to defend a forest and prevent a police training center from opening — had allegedly been attacking police officers and EMTs, vandalizing public and private property, and preventing access to private land. During the arrests, law enforcement uncovered explosive devices, gasoline, road flares, mortar-style fireworks, edged weapons, pellet rifles, gas masks, and a blow torch.

This would be upsetting, but perhaps unsurprising, if these crimes were committed by affected locals — a displaced homeowner, an angry taxpayer, or families affected by police violence. But these young individuals are a traveling crew of suspected criminals from states like Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Tennessee, and Washington. They riot under the name Defend the Atlanta Forest today, but tomorrow it might be any one of the almost 600 groups that endorse Defend the Atlanta Forest’s cause.