WASHINGTON, D.C. – For International Women’s Day, Independent Women’s Forum (IWF), honors the achievements marked by women throughout history, celebrates the progress women have made over time, and recognizes the unique biological differences between women and men.

Carrie Lukas, President of Independent Women’s Forum, issued the following statement:

“There is a tremendous amount to celebrate on International Women’s Day.  Especially in the United States, women are succeeding like never before in terms of education, work, and assuming leadership roles where they are having a positive impact on their community.  However, American women also face unique threats today.  In particular, there is an ongoing attempt to erase the very concept of women as a biologically distinct sex.  This is an insult to women and an assault on reality.  Biological differences between men and women matter, and ignoring these simple facts of life puts women’s safety and opportunities in jeopardy.  

“In honor of International Women’s Day we need to codify the Women’s Bill of Rights to define words like women and female, so that women have the opportunity to compete in sports and can feel safe in private spaces, from locker rooms and women’s shelters to prisons. 

“Additionally, today is a time to recognize that too many women around the world live as second class citizens and are denied equal protection and equal opportunity under the law.  This must change, and women living in democratic societies need to continue to speak on behalf of our sisters overseas who are denied the basic rights that we take for granted.”     

To learn more about IWF’s efforts to protect women, visit the Women’s Bill of Rights website HERE.

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