WASHINGTON, DC – This week, the Biden Administration approved a portion of the Willow Project, which greenlights oil development on Alaska’s Northern Slope. The project was initially approved in 2020 and subsequently bogged down by regulatory reviews.

Mandy Gunasekara, director of the Center for Energy and Conservation (CEC) at Independent Women’s Forum said:

“It’s refreshing to see the Biden Administration greenlight a much needed oil exploration project.  It’s too bad that only three of the five original sites will be open to drilling and that it’s conditioned on closing off 16 million acres to future development in Alaska’s North Slope. It will take approval of many more projects like this to get the U.S. back on track for energy independence. 

“Partial approval of the Willow Project will generate 180,000 gallons each day and employ 2,500 Alaskans in the North Slope, providing much-needed relief in the region and in the Lower-48. This project represents the type of responsible energy development we need more of. As the diverse range of Alaska-based, supportive stakeholders –including Alaska Natives–made clear, the project will generate local benefits, is safe for the environment and will improve broader energy security goals.”

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