SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Last night, Independent Women’s Forum’s Stand with Women Spokeswoman Riley Gaines was physically assaulted following an event at San Francisco State University at which Gaines was speaking to students on the importance of keeping women’s sports female.

Witnesses on the ground told Independent Women’s Forum that “all hell broke out” and it was complete “chaos” as agitators pushed their way into the classroom, turned off the lights, and closed in on Gaines.

Despite a crowd of protesters that grew in volume leading up to the event, a security plan was never discussed with Gaines or the event organizers. Gaines was eventually ushered out of the room, down a hallway, and finally taken into an office that was initially locked—all hallway exit points were blocked by enraged protesters screaming threats and using profanity.

Riley Gaines, who has been speaking at college campuses across the country, said of last night’s events, “The pendulum has swung too far. Women should not be put in danger because we feel uncomfortable sharing a changing space with someone of the opposite sex. We shouldn’t be put in danger because we want our sports to be safe and fair. We have the right to express this without being mobbed. I’m sure the Biden administration will release a statement expressing how this further endangers the LGBTQ community and continue to preach ‘inclusion’ no matter how females are hurt or excluded in the process.”

Earlier yesterday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said during a press briefing that trans-identifying individuals are “fierce,” “they fight back,” “they aren’t going anywhere,” and that the Biden “administration has their back.”

“The comments from the White House are completely irresponsible and are encouraging activists to think that it is okay to be aggressive, to shout down and threaten speakers like Riley,” said Independent Women’s Forum President Carrie Lukas. “Riley shouldn’t have to worry about being physically assaulted when she is speaking out—just like she shouldn’t have to worry about her safety and privacy in the locker room. It is appalling how so many so-called leaders in our country—including members of this administration—are completely downgrading women’s interests as a priority. It is clear they care far more about making sure that biological men have the right to dominate women’s single-sex spaces—sports and locker rooms, prisons, sororities, and domestic violence shelters—than they do about protecting women’s core rights to speak their minds, to play sports, and to be safe and have privacy. Why aren’t the people who are physically threatening and attacking Riley being arrested? Shame on all of them for creating a situation where the silencing of women is being tolerated, even encouraged.”

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