“Identity Crisis” Features Women Left Harmed, Broken, & Deserted by Gender Ideology and the Transgender Movement

AUSTIN, TX — An upcoming “Identity Crisis” film screening and panel discussion event faces a targeted harassment campaign being conducted by radical transgender activists. Identity Crisis documentary films, produced by Independent Women’s Forum, tell the stories of individuals who’ve experienced the harms of the gender ideology movement firsthand. Activists sought to intimidate the business owners and employees of the venue where the event was originally scheduled to take place on Wednesday, April 19, in Austin, Texas. Due to those threats, Independent Women’s Forum and its partnering organizations for this event had to secure a new venue and employ increased security for guests and attendees. 

After promoting the “Identity Crisis” Austin screening online, bigoted haters launched a coordinated campaign to cancel the event, in which they doxxed the names and personal phone numbers of the venue owners and employees that Independent Women’s Network’s Round Rock Chapter, along with Partners for Ethical Care (PEC), and the Leander Area Republican Women (LARW), had booked for the event.

A flood of phone calls, voice messages, and emails with direct threats against the business led the owners to cancel the event out of fear for the safety of themselves, their employees, and their business.

“The agitators don’t want the public to hear the stories of detransitioners, they want to deny their existence,” said Michelle Evans, Independent Women’s Network Round Rock Chapter Leader.

“It is deeply misogynist and anti-feminist to shut down an event organized by women to tell the stories of how transgender ideology has harmed women and girls,” said Executive Producer Kelsey Bolar, who works for Independent Women’s Forum. “The fact that pro-transgender agitators would harass, doxx, and even threaten an innocent small business into shutting down our event shows the extent to which those pushing this ideology are willing to go in order to cover up for its catastrophic effects.”

“Let’s be clear: Any attempt to shut down the voices of the brave subjects we’ve featured in our ‘Identity Crisis’ series will only strengthen our resolve to continue telling these stories and ensuring the voices of detransitioners and parents whose children have fallen prey to this ideology are heard,” Bolar continued. “Independent Women’s Forum prides itself on fostering compassionate, civil debate surrounding difficult issues, and on the issue of gender ideology’s impact on vulnerable children, we won’t be bullied into silence.”

“We are not afraid,” said Jeannette Cooper, mother and co-founder of Partners for Ethical Care. “There is nothing that will stop us from exposing the gender industry. One event at a time, one person at a time, we will tell our stories, and people will come to realize the harm happening to children and families.”

“Children and their parents will be the victims when the truth about this ideology is suppressed. Children are seen as an easy target, and the mothers and grandmothers in our community will not tolerate bullying of those who have suffered at the hands of those who want to deceive these vulnerable kids,” said Kate McDonald, president of Leander Area Republican Women. “These ladies are exercising their right to free speech. If we don’t fight for free speech in Leander, we can’t fight for it in our state, or our nation. We will always speak up for injustice.”

A new venue has been secured, and the host groups will move forward with holding the event with extra security in place tomorrow evening. 

This marks the second screening for IWF’s documentary series to show the public what’s happening inside school systems, doctors’ offices, and beyond. 


WHAT: Identity Crisis Film Tour: Real-life stories from victims of the transgender movement

WHEN: Wednesday, April 19, 2023

6:00 PM | Reception

6:30 PM | Screening

WHERE: Cedar Park, TX

Exact location will be provided upon RSVP

WHO: Event Hosts:

  • Independent Women’s Forum and Independent Women’s Network (Austin, TX Chapter)
  • Leander Area Republican Women (LARW)
  • Partners for Ethical Care (PEC)

Participants Available for Interview:

  • Prisha Mosley: Mentally Ill teen betrayed by health professionals who left her ‘mutilated’ and ‘broken”
  • Chloe Cole: a young teen who pursued puberty blockers, hormones, and surgery to remove her breasts which failed to address underlying struggles with anxiety, depression, and undiagnosed autism
  • Jeannette Cooper: Chicago mother loses custody of her daughter – for insisting that her daughter is a girl
  • Jennifer: A mom from Washington state who took on her local public school after teachers attempted to ‘transition’ her 11-year-old daughter without her consent

The reception and screening are on the record and reportable.

To RSVP, contact [email protected]


“Identity Crisis” seeks to change that by offering perspectives—mothers whose daughters fell victim to gender ideology, detransitioners who warn of the harms of socially and medically transitioning, and a mental health professional who rails against her profession for prioritizing political correctness over public health.

Watch the series online: LINK


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