On this Mother’s Day, loved ones will have to spend more to celebrate their mothers than ever because of rising costs.  

According to the most recent Consumer Price Index (CPI-U) data, Mother’s Day flowers are up 4.4% from April 2022 to April 2023. If husbands or children want to give their wives jewelry, they will have to spend 9.9% more. A nice dinner out—to give the family a break from cooking and cleaning—costs 8.6% more. Women’s apparel is up 3.9%. A sweet treat for mom of cupcakes or cake cost 12% more. 

On top of this, the cost of being a mother has increased. Baby food and formula is up 8.8%. Diapers are up 5.2%. Boys’ clothing is up 3.1%, and girls’ clothing is up 5.7%. Thankfully, gas for carpooling kids is down 12.2%. 

Mothers should wish for the White House to support the following economic policies that allow them to earn extra income or livelihoods instead of ignoring and contributing to rising inflation. These would reduce inflation and improve the everyday lives of families and especially working mothers. 

  • Take control of the federal government’s excessive spending and reduce its debt.
  • Protect flexible work options for the many mothers who cannot work a 9-to-5 job by removing barriers and restrictions. 
  • Support small businesses—12 million of which are women-owned—by enacting policies that decrease taxes on small businesses. 
  • Encourage alternative paths to college by removing degree requirements when the degree is not necessary for the occupation. 
  • Remove occupational license requirements for jobs that do not need them. 

The best way Washington can show its gratitude and support for mothers on this Mother’s Day is by implementing these policies. 

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