A recently resurfaced image from the children’s show Blue’s Clues and You! shows transgender beavers at a pride parade. No, that sentence wasn’t written by AI after typing in, “What would a show for 3-year-olds look like at peak woke?”

The episode, released nearly two years ago at the start of Pride Month 2021, features various styles of families floating by in a pride parade emceed by a drag queen (voiced by a real drag queen and “queer activist”).

The drag queen begins the clip by boasting, “Look at all these families!”

Animated animals bear the lesbian flag, the gay men’s pride flag, the nonbinary flag, the original rainbow pride flag, and the current (or current-ish; it changes seemingly every day) pride flag, which includes white, pink, and blue and stripes for transgender people. As if this weren’t enough diversity, equity, and inclusion, the drag queen’s mic and another flag show the black power fist.

Later come the “genderqueer” and “genderfluid” flags, followed by the “demisexual flag,” which, for the uninitiated, applies to “people who don’t feel sexual attraction unless they have a strong emotional bond with someone.” Then the pansexual flag, the aromantic flag, the bisexual flag, the “maverique” flag for people with made-up genders, and the intersex flag. The creators really left no color unused.

After showing a lesbian couple and a gay couple, the parade features a nonbinary couple: “These babas are nonbinary,” sings the drag queen. “They love each other so proudly.”

Then the transgender beavers come in. These beavers are wearing the pride, transgender, and asexual flags. One wears a black crop top that reads “MTF” for male-to-female. Another has top surgery scars. (And no, that sentence is not from putting “How to scar kids for life, literally,” into an AI generator.)

Snopes confirmed that the beaver on the far right here really is showing off surgery scars, meaning that this anthropomorphic rodent has had its breasts removed. (Never mind that an anatomically accurate beaver would have four scars; that’s a little too weird even for Nickelodeon.) As the beavers float by, the drag queen sings, “Trans members of this family, they love each other so proudly.”

According to an image posted by an animator, “Aunty” beaver is the male-to-female transgender character, while the one with top scars is “Brother.” So, while “Mommy,” “Daddy,” and “Baby” appear to be there for moral support (though Mommy’s asexual flag sticker raises several questions about the nature of this family), it is the child who has had her body permanently altered.

Did any children watching the show actually notice the barely there scars? Probably (and hopefully) not. But what matters is that activists are trying to test the waters of what they can get away with when it comes to children’s shows.

To create the episode, Nickelodeon brought on Lindz Amer, creator of the web series Queer Kid Stuff and activist who uses “they/them” pronouns.

“I definitely felt a huge responsibility consulting with the team,” Amer told Yahoo. “It’s the same responsibility I feel in all of the work that I do bringing LGBTQ representation to children’s media.” The activist then bemoaned “the profound lack of LGBTQ [representation], especially in preschool content.”

This raises an excellent point. Why aren’t we teaching more 3-year-olds about sex and gender dysphoria?

In all seriousness, this Blue’s Clues episode is just part of a disturbing trend. Since then, a character on a Netflix show for preschoolers has come out as nonbinary, and a Nickelodeon Animation Studio production, Transformers: EarthSpark, has taught children about nonbinary pronouns.

Children’s shows are going to keep pushing radical gender ideology on young children, and they’ll have no incentive to stop until many more parents say they’ve had enough.