IWF is thrilled to welcome Michele Steeb to the IW team as a visiting fellow. Michele is devoted to the public good and currently works to transform the homelessness policies of the U.S. and Texas. She has practical experience on the issue after helping turn a struggling homeless shelter for women and children into a beacon of success. 

Welcome, Michele!

Meet Michele below.

Michele Steeb is a senior fellow with the Texas Public Policy Foundation and oversees the Foundation’s initiative to transform United States’ and Texas’ homelessness policy. She has spent her career in causes for the public good beginning with leadership roles in both federal and state senate campaigns. She served four years as the Vice President of Political Affairs for the California Chamber of Commerce and prior to that, founded two technology-focused companies.

In 2006, Michele joined a struggling shelter for homeless women and children and transformed it into one of the nation’s beacons of success. Saint John’s, now a comprehensive 18-month program, helps homeless women and their children actively address and overcome the root causes of their homelessness by providing both housing and services to support them in becoming contributing members of society.

During her tenure, Michele served on multiple boards to address homelessness and was appointed by Governor Brown to serve on the State’s Prison Industry Authority (2012-2020). She is a noted public speaker and author of “Answers Behind the RED DOOR: Battling the Homelessness Epidemic.” Her work on homelessness has been published in several national outlets including the Washington Post, USA Today, Fox News.com, Newsweek, and the Washington Examiner.

Michele received multiple awards including the Martin Luther King Jr. Difference Maker award, the Regional Social Equity Leader award, the Women Who Mean Business Award, the Non-Profit Visionary of the Year Award, the Allied Professional Award from the U.S. Congressional Victims’ Rights Caucus, a woman of the year by the California State Legislature and the prestigious Ignatian Award by her alma mater, Santa Clara University.

Michele attended Auburn University (War Eagle) and is a graduate of Santa Clara University. She and her husband are parents to five children and have served as a host family for many foreign and domestic students. Their two dogs, Cargo and Leia, enjoy living with them in Lucas, Texas.