After four years of denying the existence of President Biden’s 7th grandchild, a number of mainstream media outlets have mysteriously (finally) begun reporting on Navy Joan Roberts—the four-year-old granddaughter disowned by our “decency is on the ballot” president. 

From the New York Times to Axios, coverage from outlets that usually bend over backwards to avoid mention of Hunter Biden’s frequent and varied misconduct has been uncharacteristically sharp.  

Of course, journalists have still managed to soften the details in this case and make sure readers don’t lose sight of what REALLY matters: How conservatives will use this to hurt the Biden administration.

That’s right—the fact that a little girl has been very publicly rejected by her own relations isn’t the main focus here. Pay no attention to the fact that Navy Joan was conceived while Hunter was still in a relationship with his brother Beau’s widow, Hallie. Don’t trouble your pretty little head worrying that Hunter stipulated Navy Joan never be permitted to use his name as part of the settlement with her mother—what’s REALLY lamentable here is how conservatives can use this story to erode the good Biden name.

Dana Bash REALLY said the quiet part out loud here:

The man she describes—a jolly good family man—does not exist. Joe’s word “as a Biden” is meaningless. The ice cream-slurping grandpa character is a fabrication of his own campaign, bolstered by a more-than-willing media to memory-hole his lifetime of open dishonesty, scandals, failures, and corruption.

It’s way past time for the media to admit it.