WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) signed onto the Freedom Conservatism: A Statement of Principles letter alongside a coalition of liberty-minded conservatives emphasizing a common commitment to free markets, individual liberty, constitutional government, the rule of law, and devolving power to states, localities, private associations, and families.

The letter, signed by dozens of leaders in the conservative movement, is framed as a modern-day Sharon Statement, the 1960 governing document of William F. Buckley’s Young Americans for Freedom. 

The signatories affirm ten principles, chief among them “the right to be free from the restrictions of arbitrary force,” along with the pursuit of happiness; the foundations of prosperity; full faith and credit; a nation of laws, not men; American exceptionalism in that anyone can become an American; out of many, one; America’s promissory note; the shining city on a hill; and freedom of conscience. 

The letter stresses that individual liberty is still essential to the moral and physical strength of the nation, however different today’s public policy challenges are from those of the Sharon Statement signatories. 

“So much media coverage today focuses on personalities and tries to obscure the principles that are at stake in ongoing policy debates. This makes it more important than ever that we are clear about the principles that bring us together and animate our movement,” said Carrie Lukas, president of Independent Women’s Forum. “We believe in a limited government because we want people to have the freedom to pursue their own vision of happiness. We want government to embrace policies that create opportunities so that everyone can succeed, but not to meddle and divide us. I’m proud to join so many others to endorse this statement of principles.” 

“Opportunity, personal freedom, and prosperity inspire many people to believe in the promise of America. Only in a free society powered by free enterprise can a person carve out a bright future for himself or herself. By spreading these fundamental principles far and wide we can combat the pessimistic narratives about our nation that have brainwashed younger people to embrace authoritarianism and economic servitude to the government,” added Patrice Onwuka, director of the Center for Economic Opportunity at the Independent Women’s Forum.

The Substack site FreedomConservatism.org has launched in conjunction with the letter. 

A full copy of the letter can be read HERE

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