Twitter is hanging on by a thread as Meta’s new app has taken the internet by storm amassing over 100 million sign-ups in less than a week. Dubbed the “Gen Z Twitter,” it has become a force to be reckoned with.

Threads is quickly emerging as a sanctuary from the toxic battlegrounds of Twitter and Instagram, offering users a much-needed refuge from the relentless political strife that often plagues those platforms. Thus far, the app has been a hub for humor and positivity.

Gen Z has flocked to Threads, and it’s hardly surprising given our generation’s deep desire for authenticity. This platform has struck a chord with many Gen Zers, who often describe it as an organized family group chat. Threads has made connecting with others more accessible and engaging in humorous and meaningful conversations. 

I’ve had the unique experience of being reposted by content creators from different ideological backgrounds on the Threads app. In these beginning days of Threads’ existence, it has proven to be far less polarizing than other platforms.

What sets Threads apart is its seamless integration with one’s Instagram profile, which serves as a powerful deterrent against hiding behind a screen and propagating hateful or offensive remarks.

Threads’ friendly and respectful environment may be partly due to the app’s newness. Only time will reveal if the positive environment endures as the platform grows. 

The app has sparked some concerns among conservatives who argue that it may further Meta’s monopoly on free speech and use of censorship. Despite studies showing that social media usage within Gen Z has increased rates of anxiety and depression, it is evident that Gen Z is drawn to the app and will continue to use it.

There is no denying that conservatives have faced challenges regarding cultural influence and voter turnout. Considering that Gen Z will be one of the largest voting populations, conservatives must rethink their approach to appeal to this generation. Mocking them will not be effective; conservatives should actively engage with them by joining apps such as Threads. 

Congresswoman AOC was one of the first political figures to join the app threads and began making non-political relatable content. Conservatives should do the same.

Additionally, 50% of Gen Z reports that social media is their primary source of news. Conservatives should use it as a tool to reach untapped audiences. 

Gen Z has been increasing in rates regarding sobriety, education, celibacy, and other positive trends. The generation yearns for something different, yet their exposure to conservatism is limited to media and pop culture.

To break down presuppositions and stereotypes, firsthand interaction with Gen Z is vital. The Left has excelled in addressing issues, or at least appearing to care, even though their solutions have disastrous consequences. 

The way forward for conservatives is not to shy away from left-wing-dominated spaces but rather, when appropriate, engage in conversations, and respectfully present new opinions and solutions.