WASHINGTON, D.C. — Two destransitioners who shared their stories through the Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) multi-part “Identity Crisis” documentary last week filed separate lawsuits against healthcare professionals for medical malpractice. The lawsuits, filed in two states by Prisha Mosley in North Carolina and by Soren Aldaco in Texas, represent a growing momentum of individuals who now recognize the danger and permanent damage posed by transgender ideology. 

Prisha Mosley, who at seventeen years old started testosterone injections and eventually underwent a double mastectomy, is also suing for fraud and negligence. The lawsuit is brought in Gaston County, North Carolina against eight defendants, including a plastic surgeon, two licensed counselors, and a physician who set Prisha on a path of medicalized gender transition.

Prisha’s lawsuit states, in part:

“These individuals whom Prisha trusted to care for her lied to and misled her into these treatments and procedures for the purpose of making money off of her and bolstering their credentials in the emerging field of so-called ‘gender-affirming care.’”

“Looking back, it is unacceptable that the healthcare professionals I trusted to take care of me instead deprived me, a teenage girl with a history of trauma and well-documented mental illnesses, of my healthy body and turned me into a lifelong medical patient,” said Prisha Mosley.

In a Daily Mail exclusive, Prisha said, “I decided to file a lawsuit because more needs to be done. Just talking isn’t enough. People who do harm need to be held accountable. I want justice, and I want to stop this preventable tragedy from happening to anyone else.” 

“I also want troubled teenagers, who are looking for belonging and acceptance like I was, to know that you can be accepted for who you are. Trying to change your body won’t fix you. It’ll break you. And you don’t have to change your body to please anyone, certainly not health care providers who stand to benefit financially from setting you on a path of lifelong medical care,” Prisha wrote in an op-ed for Fox News.

Soren Aldaco is taking a similar stand in her lawsuit against nine defendants made up of medical professionals, which states that at “only 17 years old” Aldaco was prescribed cross-sex hormones without “any written parental consent from Soren’s parents.” The lawsuit brought by Aldaco is filed in Tarrant County, Texas, and seeks over $1,000,000 in monetary relief.

Soren’s lawsuit states, in part:

“Ultimately, what Soren realized is that over the rocky course of her adolescence, what she needed was an unbiased doctor, not an idealogue. And upon these realizations, she immediately felt and understood the wrongs she had suffered at the hands of the Defendants. With this lawsuit, Soren now seeks redress for those wrongs.” 

Just after undergoing a double mastectomy at age nineteen, Aldaco visited the emergency room, where doctors aggressively knocked out blood clots and sewed surgical drains into her chest where gender transition surgeons had operated two weeks earlier. In an exclusive interview, Aldaco told Fox News host Laura Ingraham, “After I was persistent and very insistent that I wanted some sort of recourse [from the clinic], the CEO reached out to me and offered to reimburse me for the E.R. visit with the stipulation that I sign a nondisparagement agreement. When I asked what they had done to ensure this did not happen to any other person, they ghosted me.” 

“I look back on my medical transition with regret,” said Soren Aldaco. “Traumatic complications opened my eyes to the ills of so-called ‘gender-affirming care,’ which enabled me to believe hormones and surgery could provide me with the sense of self I craved growing up. These were all vicious lies from professionals who stood to benefit financially from my low self-esteem.” 

Both lawsuits in Texas and North Carolina reflect a growing movement of individuals across the country who want to prevent other young people from suffering the consequences of pervasive gender ideology. 

Watch Soren Aldaco’s story HERE. Watch Prisha Mosley’s story HERE.

As more individuals come to experience the harms of the gender ideology movement first-hand, the stories of detransitioners, parents, and experts are impossible to ignore. While much of the media continues to block them out, Independent Women’s Forum is giving them a voice. Watch, learn, and share HERE.



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