Instead of Trust the “Science,” Let’s Trust the Farmers

  • Farmers are America’s original environmentalists. Their livelihoods depend on balancing the production and the protection of lands or livestock.
  • Farming accounts for 10% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. Globally, agriculture accounts for 33% of emissions. More recent criticisms of the industry ignore the significant progress already made.
  • Farmers today are producing 80% more pork, 48% more milk, and 18% more beef. Over the same 30-year history, farmers have cut GHG emissions per unit of food by 24%.

Team Biden is Pushing “Climate-Smart Ag”

  • Despite increasing evidence that these international efforts to transform the agriculture industry are causing more harm than good, these same ideas are being pushed by top Biden administration officials.
  • This has led to the creation of Climate-Smart Ag, a $3.1-billion USDA initiative that promises to cut U.S. agriculture emissions while keeping up production. 
  • Some scientists have warned these projections are likely overstated and these climate-smart programs will not actually reduce GHGs. Other reports have found that cover crops don’t absorb as much carbon as previously thought and diminish crop yields.

The 2023 Farm Bill: How to Protect American Farming from Bad Ideas

  • A prudent approach to supporting family farms while enhancing environmental stewardship in the Farm Bill should include prioritizing evidence-based solutions that strike a balance between environmental protection and economic viability. 
  • Holding the line against these bad ideas will be vital to maintaining food security, rural economic development, and the continued success of our American family farms. 

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