In keeping with the philosophy of the Biden administration, tonight when I put my toddler to bed, I will tell him that his daddy and his “egg producer” love him very much. 

Earlier this month the Biden official Rachel Levine, assistant secretary in the Health and Human Services administration, paid a congenial visit to Identity Alaska. The group is described as a “community center and health clinic that provides resources, programs, and health care for the LGBTQIA2S+ and allied community.” If you got lost among the letters there, the short version is that it’s a nonprofit that supports teaching radical gender ideology to children. 

During Levine’s visit, the assistant secretary praised the community center employees for their “inspiring” work “to create a more equitable future.”

One of Identity Alaska’s offerings is a biology curriculum that directs teachers to confuse kindergarteners by telling them that doctors guess their gender at birth. It also recommends that science teachers use “accurate language for body parts and functions without assuming that there are only two sexes and that everyone within a particular sex is the same. It’s important to be able to communicate about our bodies in accurate ways.”

Notably, it also suggests scrapping the word “mother” in favor of less offensive terms, such as “gestational parent,” “birth parent,” “egg producer,” or “carrier.”

This generous gesture isn’t unique; politicians, trade unions, and newspapers across the United States are now recommending that the antiquated term “mother” go the way of the dinosaurs.