According to current estimates, 115 people have died from the wildfires that recently ravaged the Hawaiian island of Maui, and only 35 of them have yet been identified. 

The US hasn’t seen such carnage from a wildfire in over a century, and Hawaii has never faced such a deadly natural disaster. 

Many of the victims were likely children: Hawaii Governor Josh Green told CBS that it’s “possible” that the tragedy particularly affected young people at home because school had not yet started. 

One such victim was 14-year-old Keyiro Fuentes. His adoptive mother, Luz Vargas, was working several miles away while Fuentes enjoyed his last day of summer break at home. When Vargas heard about the wildfires, she and her husband rushed back to their house; after their car got stuck in traffic, Vargas got out and ran  only to face a police barricade 

“I was told, ‘Don’t go, don’t go,’ but I responded, ‘My son!’” she said. “I threw myself on the floor. I lifted my hands up and I begged God.”

When she was escorted to first responders at the front line of the blaze, they told her not to worry, the area had been cleared. 

Two days later, when the family was finally allowed to return to their home, they found Fuentes curled up on his bed, cradling their dog.