Vice President Kamala Harris hosted a party on Saturday in honor of the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. The vice president pulled out her best dance moves for which she was roundly mocked on social media.

Cringiness aside, users pointed to the tone-deaf image of our nation’s current vice president carousing while Americans suffer from sundry natural and man-made disasters, as well as economic challenges.

One X (née Twitter) user said, “Dance Kamala as Hawaiians are still lamenting, baby!”

Another added, “Her dance moves are on a par with her skill level in dealing with our border crisis.”

How could Team Biden host an event that would easily open themselves up for such criticism? It’s simple. They are laser-focused on November 2024, not September 2023.

They need to shore up support with a demographic that votes most reliably with the left: Black voters.

The White House must believe that a celebrity-studded party is the ticket to their re-election. Cue the awkward dancing by the vice president.

If they really had a pulse on disaffected Blacks, they would focus on bread-and-butter issues rather than a house party for music elites.

The alarms are sounding about President Biden’s erosion of support among Black and Hispanic voters over the past two election cycles.

Recent New York Times/Siena College polling indicates that Biden’s support among non-white registered voters is trailing where it was four years prior by nearly 20 percentage points.

An analysis in The New York Times finds that across at least a dozen national polls, Biden leads Trump by 74 to 19 among Black voters and by 50 to 40 among Hispanic voters.

These leads, though considerable, are less than historical norms, including in 2020 when Mr. Trump won Blacks by 89 to 7 and Hispanics by 65 to 32, and will not be enough in close contests.

It’s perhaps why the top contenders are neck-and-neck in early swing state polls.

President Biden’s incumbency advantage has gone up in smoke.

Age, education level, and income levels all play a role in Biden’s loss of support with Black voters in particular.

Young Blacks are not bought into voting for the liberal candidate like their parents and grandparents. Biden holds an 83 to 8 lead over Trump among those over age 45 (Generation X and Baby Boomers).

But his lead shrinks to just 59 to 14 among those under 45 (Millennials and Gen Z). Biden is also underperforming among non-degreed Americans and those earning less than $100,000 a year.

These demographic factors are colliding with harsh economic realities to breed dissatisfaction among voters with how the president is handling the economy.

Nonwhites tend to be younger and earn less.

More of their income is consumed by inflation on goods — prices across the board are 16% higher than when President Biden took office — rising housing costs, and rising interest rates on consumer debt.

They lack the savings cushion against rising costs that higher earners enjoy.

Even job-hopping no longer guarantees better pay to beat inflation. The number of open jobs has fallen below early 2021 levels — before a pandemic hiring bonanza drove wages up.

The quit rate has slowed as people hold onto their jobs.

For those who do land a new gig, after years of salary increases, pay for new hires is shrinking.

Real earnings outpace inflation, but just barely.

Americans are pressed financially as nearly four in 10 adults don’t have enough money to cover a $400 emergency expense.

Cumulative credit card debt hit a record $1 trillion as Americans turn to plastic to stay afloat.

Inflation imposed hardships across racial demographics, but Black households shoulder a slightly heavier — though not trivial — burden from inflation than white households, according to a 2022 paper by the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank.

Over half of Americans think the Biden-Harris policies are to blame for a worsening economy. They are not wrong. Inflation is a product of Bidenomics.

Elites don’t feel it, but elevated prices are drowning working-class Americans.

That makes a hip-hop fest at the vice president’s residence seem all the more out-of-touch and unlikely to convince Blacks that this administration jives with their needs.