WASHINGTON, D.C. — As part of its female athlete storytelling series, Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) broke the story of Kim Russell, the Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach at Oberlin College, who was the victim of a year-long harassment and character assassination campaign orchestrated by college administrators for sharing a social media post objecting to men competing in women’s sports. Oberlin College has since continued its retaliation against Russell for standing up for female athletes, holding ongoing disciplinary meetings, and ultimately removing her from the head coaching position and reassigning her to a newly created role which strips away all interaction with student athletes. During the course of her disciplinary process at Oberlin College, Russell secretly recorded conversations. New audio recordings reveal college administrators telling Russell that teaching players about the phases of the female menstrual cycle and sports performance is an “an attack on trans.”

Following the release of “Burned at the Stake,” IWF’s original documentary breaking Coach Russell’s silence and exposing Oberlin’s disturbing treatment,  IWF releases new recorded audio of Oberlin College administrators calling Russell’s coaching actions “unsafe” in a three-minute, follow-up documentary, “No More Period Talk.” 

“I brought in someone who specializes in the female [menstrual] cycle,” Russell explains in the documentary. “And she’s a lacrosse coach, so she would help us with plays or drills and I got great feedback as she was here from players on the team.”

“There is bitter irony in the fact that universities are designed to equip young adults with a meaningful education, yet they’re actually indoctrinating the next generations of American adults with parasitical, radical ideologies – wrongfully presented as fact,” said Andrea Mew, storytelling coordinator at IWF and producer of the documentary. 

“Russell wasn’t in the wrong for teaching her female athletes how to live in rhythm with their natural hormonal cycles. Young women – athletes or not – benefit immensely from understanding how their bodies work. Ultimately, we’re doing humanity a disservice when we gatekeep ancestral knowledge and override scientific facts with biological falsehoods.”

Watch Coach Kim Russell’s “No Period Talk” documentary HERE

Watch Coach Kim Russell’s original “Burned at the Stake” documentary HERE.

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