WASHINGTON, D.C. —  Independent Women’s Forum stands united against the unprecedented attack by Hamas militants on Israel, and condemns the targeting — violence, kidnapping, and killing — of innocent women and girls.

Responding to the terror in Israel, Senior Policy Fellow Dr. Meaghan Mobbs said, “the attack of terror by Hamas is an unprecedented and unprovoked assault on Israel. Hamas’ barbaric targeting of women and girls is vile and deserves the world’s contempt. Israel has every right to respond with the full strength of their nation.”

Dr. Qanta Ahmed, Senior Fellow at Independent Women’s Forum, said, “Heinous acts of Islamist jihadists backed by Iran on the Jewish states, imperils all nations working for peace with Israel especially Saudi Arbia; imperils the Abraham Accords and threatens regional peace. Praying Israel Defense Forces to bring calm and praying for courage of the Muslim Nations.”



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