WASHINGTON, D.C. — Following in the footsteps of two female detransitioners featured in Independent Women’s Forum’s “Identity Crisis” series who have filed lawsuits against healthcare professionals for medical malpractice, two new bombshell lawsuits have now dropped from the same law firm against the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and prominent healthcare providers. The lawsuits coincide with the AAP’s annual gathering in Washington, D.C., where pediatric providers discuss the latest best practices in pediatrics. Independent Women’s Forum, as part of its work to expose the harms of the gender ideology movement firsthand through “Identity Crisis”, calls the lawsuits groundbreaking and critical to the efforts to protect children.

Campbell Miller Payne, a law firm formed this year out of a heart for individuals who were misled and abused into psychological and physical harm through a false promise of “gender-affirming care,” filed the lawsuits on Friday and Monday for their clients, including a 14-year-old minor who was put on life-altering cross-sex hormones.

Isabelle Ayala, a female detransitioner from Florida is suing the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and her healthcare providers alleging civil conspiracy, fraud, and medical malpractice. The first detransitioner lawsuit in the nation to name the AAP, Isabelle alleges the organization knowingly misled the public in publishing and disseminating a fraudulent “policy statement” that has been perceived by many as an authoritative guide for the treatment of gender-confused children in the U.S.

Among the providers Isabelle is suing are Dr. Jason Rafferty and Dr. Michelle Forcier. Dr. Forcier is among the country’s most prominent figures on “gender affirming hormones and care plans.” She attained broader national recognition after being featured in Matt Walsh’s What is a Woman documentary. 

Dr. Rafferty is the author of the 2018 AAP policy statement that essentially created the “affirmative care” model, as it has become known and implemented throughout the country. That document, the lawsuit alleges, underplayed the known risks of the medical interventions it advocated for and used misleading and fraudulent citations to support its conclusions and recommendations.

At the time of her purported “treatment,” Isabelle was a vulnerable 14-year-old girl suffering from numerous mental health comorbidities, including autism, ADHD, and PTSD from a sexual assault at a young age. Her parents had recently separated, and she moved from Florida to Rhode Island with her father and his girlfriend. Her story, like so many others, involved social isolation and finding trans ideology online, where she discovered community and celebration and was told—and eventually convinced—that she was “trans.” 

After a single, brief meeting with Dr. Rafferty, Isabelle was recommended for testosterone injections, but her mother refused to give consent. In a follow-up meeting, Dr. Rafferty and his team convinced her mother to drop her objection by misrepresenting testosterone as the only available treatment and suggesting that if she did not receive the hormones, Isabelle would commit suicide. Shortly thereafter, Isabelle was put on life-altering cross-sex hormones. She now suffers from a slew of debilitating conditions from the effects of years of testosterone injection, including vaginal atrophy, physical pain, and the triggering of an auto-immune disease only present in males in her family, among others.

Jordan Campbell, Campell Miller Payne counsel for Isabelle, said:

“Isabelle, like too many other vulnerable young adolescents, was an unknowing victim of a fraudulent medical regime that stems from the ideologies of a radical minority. Sadly, the AAP has thrown its support behind them. Isabelle is seeking to hold them and her health care providers accountable for the role they collectively played in causing life-changing damage to her physical and mental health.” 

Campbell Miller Payne filed another lawsuit last Friday against Drs. Rafferty and Forcier, among others, for medical malpractice on behalf of female detransitioner Layton Ulery.

The firm also represents Soren Aldaco and Prisha Mosley, two women featured in Independent Women’s Forum’s “Identity Crisis” series, in their lawsuits against their healthcare providers. Kelsey Bolar, executive producer of the IWF’s “Identity Crisis” series, responds to the new lawsuits:

“Isabelle’s lawsuit represents a historic step in the fight to obtain justice for detransitioners. For too long, health care ‘experts’ have used the AAP as a shield to harm children by encouraging social ‘transition,’ prescribing wrong-sex hormones, and puberty blockers, and performing irreversible surgeries. These guidelines have had serious consequences for individuals, like Isabelle, who now suffer from permanent conditions caused by the proposed treatments. It’s long past time that those responsible for publishing these guidelines face consequences, too.”

Prisha Mosley has been central to exposing gender ideology and the betrayal of health professionals. Her story told through Independent Women’s Forum’s “Identity Crisis” series can be viewed here. Following her attendance at the AAP conference and in response to these groundbreaking lawsuits, Mosley stated:

“I’m grateful to be standing alongside other detransitioners who are not only victims of medical practice with the bravery to speak out, but are also my friends.

“Filing a lawsuit is an incredibly stressful event. It takes courage, patience, and willpower. I am not only proud of my friends, but also hopeful that we all might be able to see justice and stop this preventable tragedy from destroying other families and the healthy bodies of the distressed.

“I attended the AAP conference this October to spread messages of truth and love and share the valuable stories of detransitioners lives. The reactions of many of the pediatricians made the importance of lawsuits clear to me: we aren’t collateral damage, we were failed by people who swore to Do No Harm, and those very same people refuse to acknowledge our existence and would prefer to call security on us rather than hear about the harms we live with.”




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