Brianna Howard joins She Thinks podcast to discuss the legacy of Edwin Drake, the first person to strike oil in America, and how his discovery has changed the lives of so many, especially in the state where it all happened—Pennsylvania. We also discuss how hard-working Americans in the energy industry are often denigrated by a media class that belittles their contributions and why it’s so important to fight state and federal policies and regulations that seek to destroy the ability to power Pennsylvania, the country, and the world. Brianna is part of a Pennsylvania energy-producing family, and she is proud to be part of the fifth generation of Howard Drilling, an independently owned and operated conventional oil and gas company in northwestern Pennsylvania that provides critical resources throughout the Keystone State and America.

Brianna Howard is the mayor of Mount Jewett, PA, and social media manager at Independent Women’s Forum. Prior to joining IWF, Brianna was the Director of Digital Media for the House Budget Committee Republicans. She previously had the honor of serving in the Trump administration as a special assistant to U.S. Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia.