IWF Education Freedom Center Director Ginny Gentles and Lindsey Burke, director of the Center for Education Policy at The Heritage Foundation, will host an informational event and discussion about the looming K-12 “fiscal cliff.” This luncheon event will feature keynote speaker Marguerite Roza, Ph.D., Research Professor and Director of the Edunomics Lab at Georgetown University, and a panel discussion about the imminent ending of the $190 billion in supplemental K-12 education funding (ESSER) provided by the federal government to states and local school districts.

School districts will encounter a perfect storm of self-inflicted financial chaos next year brought on by the expiration of federal pandemic-era supplemental funding and rapidly declining district enrollment. The event will address the challenges districts will face when the $190 billion in temporary “emergency” federal K-12 funding ends, particularly in districts that hired permanent staff with temporary funding.


Wednesday, November 29
12:30 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.

Event Venue:

National Press Club
529 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20045

Keynote speaker:

Marguerite Roza, Georgetown University

Panel discussion featuring:

  • Ben Scafidi, Kennesaw State University
  • Allison Socol, The Education Trust
  • Michael Hansen, Brookings Institution
  • Dan Lips, FREOPP

Watch the discussion: