It’s not a headline from a satire site, but it might as well be. “Fights erupt outside Museum of Tolerance after screening of film on Hamas,” reads an ABC affiliate article published Thursday. You’ll never guess which side claimed the mantle of tolerance. Spoiler: It was the terrorist apologists.  

In Los Angeles on Wednesday, the American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League organised a screening of Hamas attack footage, titled “Bearing Witness to the October 7th Massacre.” As denials of Hamas atrocities proliferate –from arguing that the 240-plus hostages are being treated well and tearing down their posters, to questioning the reality of the 1,400 murdered Israelis and quibbling over what really counts as a beheading – the screening may have provided a refreshing dose of reality to Hollywood progressives. 

Most of the footage, in fact, was released by Hamas itself. It’s not like the terrorists have been trying to cover up their crimes. On the contrary, they’ve been bragging about them. But that’s the kind of information that’s a little too inconvenient for the pro-Palestinian protestors who have been demanding that President Joe Biden push for a ceasefire. 

According to the Los Angeles Times, protestors held signs denouncing the showing, including one that read, “The Museum of Tolerance is showing a pro-genocide film.” If by “pro-genocide,” they mean that the film depicted genocide, sure. But that’s surely not the sign’s meaning, which instead seems to suggest that these agitators believe showing Hamas atrocities equates to supporting…Israeli genocide. This is self-evidently nonsensical – but to those who have allowed their critical facilities to be replaced with a boorishly binaural “oppressor vs. oppressed” dynamic, it’s perfectly legitimate. 

One protestor claimed that showing the public real footage of the Hamas attack would undermine calls for a ceasefire. If you’re afraid that more information will lead to worse decisions, then your cause may, to borrow a phrase from Theodore Roosevelt, have “no more backbone than a chocolate éclair.”

Those with the loudest voices and the fewest arguments are always the first to threaten free speech. As The Hollywood Reporter notes, “Another media outlet leaked the location at which [the screening] would be taking place, resulting in threats against the museum and necessitating an FBI advance team in the days leading up to it.”

What this boils down to is a complete disinterest in freedom of speech: Pro-Hamas protestors didn’t believe that people who would freely choose to attend the screening should be able to do so. Those who attended were met with violent protests. The irony is that all of this is coming from the same people who, just months ago, were arguing that “words are violence.” Now, literal violence is not violence – because of social justice, or something like that. 

In the US pro-Palestinian (pro-Hamas) protestors have been tearing down posters of captured Israelis, and one may have caused the death of a 69-year-old Jewish man. Clashes throughout the country, particularly on college campuses, have turned aggressive. 

Meanwhile, a New York University student who lost a cushy job offer after blaming Israel for the Oct. 7 Hamas attack watched her fellow students come to her defense, claiming the rescinded offer represented “systemic, concentrated violence.”

These progressives have become the boy who cried wolf – if, getting tired of the town ignoring his cries, the boy finally became the wolf himself. Resorting to violence is the hallmark of petty tyrants, despots, and idiots who have run out of good ideas. 

Why should “Bearing Witness” be “zionist propaganda,” as one simpleton claimed on social media? The film is meant to combat the equivalent of modern-day Holocaust denial, an important end considering some pro-Palestinian protestors caught on video didn’t even realise the Oct. 7 attack had occurred. Well, it did, resulting in victims being raped, burned, and decapitated. 

Pro-Palestinian protestors aren’t ready to face the facts: Hamas is a terrorist organization, as designated by the US and the European Union. They may point to the tragic civilian casualties in Gaza, but their supposed humanitarianism is undermined when they ignore the many innocent victims of Hamas.

A Hamas spokesman’s statement about the loss of Palestinian lives makes it clear that if anyone cares about the wellbeing of the Palestinian people, it’s not them. “Nations are not easily liberated… the Russians sacrificed 30 million people in World War II in order to liberate it from Hitler’s attack. The Vietnamese sacrificed 3.5 million people until they defeated the Americans. Afghanistan sacrificed millions of martyrs to defeat the USSR and then the US. The Algerian people sacrificed 6 million martyrs over 130 years. The Palestinian people are just like any other nation. No nation is liberated without sacrifices.”

Protestors seem to conveniently ignore this information: when they hold up signs saying “resistance by any means necessary,” they’re talking about sacrificing Israeli lives, not Palestinian ones. We’ve developed an impossible number of self-described Middle East experts overnight who are incapable of backing up their passion with reason. This is why they fall back on nonsensical slogans, suppression of free speech, and violence against those who, deep down, they must know are in the right.