On this week’s episode of She Thinks, Andi Bottner joins to help us examine the women’s groups who have remained silent on the sexual violence committed against girls and women on October 7th. We delve into why the #MeToo movement hasn’t shown up for and defended Israeli women, and we discuss why whitewashing the gravity of these crimes degrades and dehumanizes women and puts them in danger all across the globe.  

Political consultant Andi G. Bottner, founder of Bottner Strategies, LLC, is an expert in women’s issues and has earned the respect and admiration of some of Washington’s most influential policymakers. Bottner Strategies, LLC, works with advocacy groups, political organizations, and private clients to offer a broad range of services, including strategic political planning, message creation, and coalition building, among others. Currently, she is Vice President of External Relations at Independent Women’s Forum, as well as an advisor to the RightNOW Women PAC.