Throughout 2023, the nation’s teachers unions continually prioritized political power over students. The unions advanced a radical agenda, promoted explicit books in schools, neglected the devastating effects of learning loss, and celebrated prolonged strikes despite students’ abysmal academic scores. Essentially, every major problem in the public school system can be traced back to the teachers unions and their deep pockets.

The Independent Women’s Forum’s Education Freedom Center created a weekly Teachers Union Report Card to expose the pernicious influence of the National Education Association (NEA), the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), and their state and local affiliates. Here are recent teachers union report cards:

Teachers unions will fight to maintain their power over K-12 education; but as parents keep waking up to their harmful practices, they will continue to take their students out of failing, union-controlled public schools. Stay tuned for more IWF teachers union report cards throughout 2024!

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