IWF is thrilled to have Jennifer Oliver O’Connell join as a visiting fellow. As a small business owner, entrepreneur, and independent contractor, Jennifer knows the ins and outs of business. Her unique interests and skills will bring valuable insights to the IW team. 

Welcome, Jennifer!

Meet Jennifer below.

Jennifer Oliver O’Connell, As the Girl TurnsTM, is an investigative journalist, freelance writer, and entrepreneur in Reinvention, and Yoga-inspired workshops and programs.

Jennifer writes on politics, pop culture, cultural concerns, and media at As the Girl Turns on Substack, RedState.com, 1819 News, and other outlets including Examiner.com, Washington Times Communities, and Communities Digital News. Jennifer has been a featured contributor on The Grace Curley Show, CONK! News, The Larry O’Connor Show, All American Radio with Jennifer Kerns, KMOX’s The Mark Reardon Show, and other radio, cable, and streaming news.

Jennifer is the co-author of the 2022 memoir, The Making of An American Hip-Hop Tycoon with Benjamen K. Janey. In her writing, Jennifer has studied, interviewed, and featured the individual achiever, their ordinary and extraordinary accomplishments, and their process toward great achievement, as well as personal, career, and financial success. This memoir exemplifies these tenets, as well as Jennifer’s regular Friday feature entitled, Feel-Good Friday.