Independent Women’s Law Center is growing. How much do you know about IWLC? Let’s play “Two‌ ‌Truths‌ ‌and‌ ‌a‌ ‌Lie”‌ to find out.

A. Independent Women’s Law Center fights for equal opportunity, due process of law, and other constitutional liberties.
B. IWLC is an anti-abortion legal group.
C. Independent Women’s Law Center fights to protect women’s single-sex spaces.

Let’s take these statements one at a time: 

A. TRUTH! In court, before Congress, and before administrative agencies, Independent Women’s Law Center advocates for your constitutional liberties and fights against the power of big government and the administrative state and against the power of big government.

B. Lie! Like Independent Women’s Forum and Independent Women’s Voice, IWLC takes no institutional position on abortion, and IWLC performs no legal work in this arena.

C. Truth! At IWLC, we understand that sex equality doesn’t always require sex integration. In fact, in certain arenas, such as sports, separating males and females is the only way to achieve equal opportunity for both sexes.

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