WASHINGTON, D.C. —This National School Choice Week, Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) joins advocates nationwide to champion the need for policy changes that expand educational opportunities for parents and students and lift residentially-assigned constraints that force kids into schools that don’t meet their needs. 

Ginny Gentles, director of IWF’s Education Freedom Center, issued the following statement:

“When it comes to their children’s education, parents desire freedom and control. Policymakers are increasing parents’ leverage over their children’s education by addressing the egregious power imbalance between parents and school districts. After legislative victories that expanded school choice options in 20 states in 2023, almost 20% of American students live in a state with universal or near universal choice.

“Powerful teachers unions ensure that school systems prioritize adults rather than children and radical ideology rather than academic instruction. When school choice programs are in place, parents can leave unresponsive systems and choose from a wide variety of educational options. As we celebrate National School Choice Week, we are inspired to prioritize students over systems and inform parents about their expanding options.”

National School Choice Week kicks off the second season of IWF’s Students Over Systems podcast. Students Over Systems episodes feature passionate parents and policymakers who are charting a path to greater education freedom and brighter futures. Previous guests include Sen. Tim Scott, Virginia Walden Ford, Rep. Virginia Foxx, former Secretary Betsy DeVos, former Governor Jeb Bush, and others. The program airs biweekly on Tuesdays with host Ginny Gentles. Upcoming Students Over Systems episodes include conversations with former Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and education freedom advocate Corey DeAngelis.

Click here for Students Over Systems episodes featuring school choice champions.

With 72% of parents reporting in a recent National School Choice Awareness Foundation survey that they considered new schools for their children last year and 64% of parents craving more information about education options, Independent Women’s Forum continues to build awareness about ways to better serve students through our podcasts, education freedom resource center, op-eds, and regular media appearances.

For more information, please visit IWF’s Education Freedom Center: https://www.iwf.org/efc



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IWF’s Education Freedom Center (EFC) advances school choice and empowers parents by advocating for a more vibrant education marketplace. The EFC informs the public about the benefits of education freedom and highlights school choice as a solution to the power imbalance between parents and unresponsive school districts.