Educators for Palestine, a “small-but-growing” group of National Education Association (NEA) members, is demanding that the nation’s largest teachers union rescind support of President Biden until he calls for a ceasefire in Gaza. The union members launched a “NEA Petition to Revoke Biden Endorsement” that pledges to “withhold future NEA PAC donations” until the union revokes its endorsement of President Biden.

For President Biden to regain the NEA’s endorsement, Educators for Palestine demand:

  • “A permanent ceasefire;”
  • “Stop sending military funding, equipment, and intelligence to Israel;”
  • And, “de-militarizing the border, stopping all further building of the border wall, permanently closing open-air detention centers, expanding shelters, work permits, relocation support and legal pathways to citizenship (such as DACA), ending a foreign policy that creates the economic and political instability making migration necessary, and not compromising on these commitments in exchange for military aid to Israel.”

Activists within the nation’s second largest teachers union, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), also support Hamas in this conflict. Teachers unions wield immense political and economic power to “engage and mobilize activists in the effort for racial, social, and economic justice.” Instead of addressing chronic absenteeism, improving public education for low-income students, correcting falling academic achievement rates, or serving their members, the teachers unions will continue to prioritize politics above all.

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