February 13, 2024

All students should have access to any public school, regardless of their home address. Families should be empowered to choose the school that best meets their children’s unique needs regardless of government-imposed district boundaries.

Unfortunately, educational opportunities are often determined by where families can afford to live. Congress acknowledged this in a 2019 Joint Economic Committee report that stated, “families are faced with the reality that attending a high-performing public school often requires paying more for housing, and many students’ educational opportunities are limited as a result.” 

Additionally, many school districts remain racially segregated nearly 70 years after Brown v. Board of Education. This is due to the legacy of discriminatory policies like redlining and segregated public housing. Because of this, minority students are often concentrated in low-performing and high-poverty schools.  

These students should not be limited to a school or school district that might not meet their individual needs. Every student deserves access to the public school that best serves their needs regardless of race, home address, socioeconomic status, ability, or the location of the school.  

Americans have the ability to go to any public park, pool, or hospital they choose. Public schools should be no different. 

This is why we are creating a new coalition: to advocate for every student and make a great education a reality for all.  

We believe in: 

  • Opening public school access for all students.  
  • Ending address discrimination.  
  • Ensuring that public education is free, and families are never charged tuition.  
  • Unbundling education and the housing market.  

Nearly all Americans agree a student should not be prevented from accessing the best public schools just because of their race or how much money their family makes. A September 2023 poll found that most Americans (67%), including Democrats, Independents, and Republicans, support ending residential school assignments.  

That same poll showed that, by more than a 10-to-1 margin (84% to 8%), Americans support giving every child in the United States the ability to attend the public school in their state that best meets their needs, regardless of where they live.  

Americans agree – a ZIP code should never dictate a child’s educational opportunity.  

No More Lines policies break the connection between housing costs, school quality, and school access. They level the playing field among students of all socioeconomic levels by providing all students with access to their ideal educational experience. It is time to provide every kid equal access to the public school that works best for him or her. It is time to end discriminatory attendance zones. It is time for No More Lines