Rhode Island “gender-affirming care” medical providers Dr. Jason Rafferty, Dr. Michelle Forcier, and Thundermist Health Center became defendants in two medical malpractice lawsuits filed last October by former patients, Hannah (“Layton”) Ulery and Isabelle Ayala. Layton alleges she was pressured into “irreversible transgender medicalization” by Dr. Rafferty at Thundermist Health Center who deliberately ignored red flags in her medical history and comorbidities. Likewise, Isabelle alleges medical malpractice, gross negligence, fraud, and civil conspiracy against Dr. Forcier and Dr. Rafferty. You can hear Isabelle’s story in her own words here.

Local Rhode Island media has not reported on these lawsuits despite national coverage by various outlets. A generous explanation for this local media blackout might be the naive perception that these are niche stories outside the scope of public interest. What do these lawsuits have to do with the average Rhode Islander?

Parents may be surprised to learn that the influence of Rafferty, Forcier, and Thundermist Health Center extends well beyond their private practice and directly into Rhode Island public schools. Thundermist Health Center has been a persistent agitator in Rhode Island public schools for quite some time. Materials I obtained from public records requests reveal Thundermist Health Center trained South Kingstown School District social workers to deceive parents about gender-confused children in 2016.