WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) celebrates the first anniversary since the launch of the Center for Energy and Conservation (CEC) at IWF. 

The CEC’s mission is to reshape the conversation about American energy and conservation, to educate the public about the benefits of modern energy, including thriving economies and healthy communities, and to. level-set fear-based rhetoric surrounding the climate and cultivate meaningful policies that lead to cleaner air, cleaner water, and a lower-emissions future. Importantly, the center connects the role our modern energy industry has played in successful environmental outcomes and a better, more prosperous way of life.

Since the center’s launch our experts have testified before Congress, appeared on national media outlets to opine on trending energy and climate topics, and successfully launched National Energy Appreciation Day to be commemorated every October 4th.

CEC Director Gabriella (Gabby) Hoffman said, “Our Center for Energy and Conservation might be young, but it’s high-impact. Our experts have testified before Congress, appeared on national media outlets, and been printed in outlets like Wall Street Journal. We’ve participated in efforts to defeat bad proposals like the SEC rule to add natural asset companies on the New York Stock Exchange and are actively fighting the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) movement. And the Center successfully launched a unique event – National Energy Appreciation Day – to commemorate and honor the contributions of America’s energy workers.”

“The CEC will continue to advocate for women in agriculture, conservation, energy and financial services against top-down net-zero and ESG policies,” Gabby added. 

LOOK AHEAD FOR 2024: “The CEC anticipates a high-impact year in 2024. From opposing the Biden administration’s War on Household Appliances to exposing how supposed “green” energy projects are harming the environment, our center will proactively fight bad policies and lead the charge in pushing a positive pro-energy, pro-conservation agenda that balances economic development with environmental stewardship.” 

What Others Are Saying:

Senator Cynthia Lummis (R-WY):  “While radical environmentalists continue their assault on domestic energy, the Center for Energy and Conservation is working each day to refute their hyperbolic rhetoric with thoughtful and scientific data that proves American energy is the most reliable in the world. IWF remains a trusted leader in driving this important discussion, and I look forward to its continued success in promoting American energy.” 

Noah Yantis, executive director for the Congressional Western Caucus:  “Over the past year, the Congressional Western Caucus has partnered with IWF’s Center for Energy and Conservation to educate Caucus Members’ and their staff on the pressing regulatory challenges impacting public lands, American energy independence, and outdoor recreation. I’d like to congratulate IWF’s CEC for their one-year anniversary and look forward to another year – and more – of continued collaboration on the issues impacting Rural America.” 

Stuart Saulters, Vice President of Government Affairs at the American Public Gas Association:  “As the only not-for-profit trade organization representing America’s publicly owned natural gas local distribution companies (LDCs), APGA advocates for a fuel-neutral, “all of the above” approach to energy policy. We are grateful for great organizations like the Center for Energy and Conservation that can help further the conversation on practical energy policy, especially as it impacts the appliances important to American homeowners. Congratulations on your one-year anniversary! APGA looks forward to seeing continued great work coming out from the Center for many years to come!”

Christian R. Palich, Vice President Taft Advisors, former Senior Advisor at the U.S. Department of Interior, and IWF Center for Energy and Conservation advisory board member:  “IWF’s Center for Energy and Conservation has been a leading voice advocating for American Energy. The Center understands having baseload generation from coal is vital to the security of our nation’s electric grid, and our overall global economic competitiveness. It has been a great year for IWF’s Center for Energy and Conservation, and I am very excited to see what this year will bring.”

Mike McKenna, former Deputy Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs and IWF Center for Energy and Conservation advisory board member:  “The anniversary of the Center for Energy and Conservation at the Independent Women’s Forum is a notable landmark, in large measure because the Center is focused on the very people who policymakers often forget — consumers, families, those trying to make family and small business budgets work despite the pressures placed on them by a federal government grown too large and too indifferent.

“In important policy debates, the Center stands resolutely on the side of families, consumers, workers, those on fixed incomes, the elderly, and the poor.  Its presence is essential to ensuring that our nation has policies that make sense for all citizens.”

Donna Jackson, Director of Project 21, National Center for Public Policy Research and IWF Center for Energy and Conservation advisory board member:  “Economic prosperity starts with sound energy policies, but instead we keep getting measures that prioritize questionable environmental objectives over affordability. As a result, many Americans are experiencing energy poverty, and in fact it is not uncommon to see struggling households cutting back on necessities like food and medicine in order to pay their energy bills. That’s why the IWF Center for Energy and Conservation is so important. It is raising awareness about harmful policies, offering better alternatives, and fighting for families that can’t fight for themselves.”

Travis Voyles, Secretary of Natural and Historic Resources for Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin:  “Over the past year, the Center for Energy and Conservation has provided a needed commonsense perspective to critical natural resources and energy issues. The Center has been an effective force in advancing the work of the Independent Women’s Forum. We look forward to working with the Center in ensuring we have policies that create opportunity while ensuring environmental protection here in the Commonwealth and across the U.S.”

Derek Kreifels, Chief Executive Officer of the State Financial Officers Foundation (SFOF):  “SFOF has been proud to partner with IWF’s Center for Energy and Conservation throughout the past year. The liberty movement works hard every day to protect American energy and investors from the evils of ESG and DEI. SFOF and IWF have been powerful tools in this important work and we look forward to continuing this vital relationship.”

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