Patrice Onwuka joins the podcast to talk about this month’s policy focus: Rent Control: A Failed Solution to Housing Unaffordability. We start by looking at the data to discover how much rent prices have increased and why. We then consider the history of rent control and discuss how well-meaning policies have led to decreased quantity and quality of rental units, and ultimately reward wealthy rental owners while discouraging disadvantaged groups.

Patrice Onwuka is the director of the Center for Economic Opportunity at Independent Women’s Forum. Patrice co-hosts WMAL-FM’s morning show O’Connor & Company, the leading talk radio station in the DC area, every Friday. Patrice is also a senior adjunct fellow with The Philanthropy Roundtable and a Tony Blankley Fellow at The Steamboat Institute. She is a frequent guest on Fox News, Fox Business News, and PBS programs. Her opinions have appeared in the Washington Post, USA Today, Barron’s, CNBC, Bloomberg, and other national outlets. She hosts a column called the New Agenda for Black Women on and is a contributor to the Washington Examiner and The Hill.