WASHINGTON, DC — Today, President Joe Biden will deliver his third State of the Union address before Congress and the American people. This comes amid Biden’s deteriorating approval numbers and disastrous policies that put America last. The reality is that individual Americans are more financially vulnerable, with less choice and opportunity, and we are less secure as a nation. 

Independent Women’s Forum (IWF), the nation’s most impactful policy organization for women, urges President Biden to abandon policies that hurt Americans and, instead, champion solutions that will unleash freedom, choices, and opportunities for all Americans.

Patrice Onwuka, director of the Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO) at IWF issued the following statement: “What Americans need to hear from President Biden is not how glorious Bidenomics is, because they know that’s not true. They can trace housing unaffordability, elevated grocery prices, and skyrocketing utility bills back to reckless federal spending during his presidency. Americans, especially women, are stressed financially. They worry that they’ll never be able to buy a first home or be financially secure in retirement.” 

Afghanistan veteran and IWF Senior Fellow Meaghan Mobbs said: “The world is more dangerous, and America is less safe. Under President Biden, we have the worst border crisis in our nation’s history. By failing to enforce existing laws under his authority, Biden undermined the sovereignty of our nation. Furthermore, Ukraine remains under the boot of Russia, and peace in the Middle East is no more—all the while China grows stronger. Biden continues to be wrong on every major foreign policy and national security issue. Our enemies are more audacious, our allies less confident, and our citizens more vulnerable.”

Virginia Gentles, director of the Education Freedom Center (EFC) at IWF and a former senior political appointee in the U.S. Department of Education, added: “President Biden will likely evoke the specter of fictitious book ‘bans’ in the State of the Union, rather than charting a path out of academic and behavioral chaos plaguing our nation’s schools. It is easy to misrepresent parents’ sensible concerns about the sexually explicit books in children’s classrooms and libraries. It is difficult, but necessary, to lead the national conversation about ensuring students recover from the egregious harm caused by prolonged COVID-era school closures.”

May Mailman, director of the Independent Women’s Law Center (IWLC) and a former legal advisor to President Trump, said: “President Biden has not respected our democracy. Biden has mandated a vaccine nationwide without any legal authority to do so, left our border wide-open despite a clear statutory mandate to deport illegal border crossers and dangerous criminal aliens, stripped women of protection in favor of progressive ideology, and used the Department of Justice to prioritize political goals rather than safety ones. Democracy means giving voice to the people. And the people want a return to security, prosperity, equality, and justice.”  

Gabby Hoffman, director of the Center for Energy and Conservation (CEC) at IWF said: “The Biden administration’s aggressive net-zero energy agenda has jeopardized America’s standing as an energy powerhouse. From pausing LNG exports to enacting energy efficiency standards that make household appliances more expensive, this administration is charting a dangerous course by pitting economic productivity against environmental stewardship. Mandates to force electric vehicles and fossil fuel phaseouts are increasingly unpopular. President Biden would be wise to concede net zero is unsustainable and costly, but it’s doubtful he will.” 



Independent Women’s Forum is dedicated to developing and advancing policies that aren’t just well intended but actually enhance people’s freedom, choices, and opportunities.