WASHINGTON, D.C. — Independent Women’s Forum (IWF), the nation’s most impactful policy organization for women, is calling attention to the March 16 one-year anniversary of New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signing the ill-conceived “Reproductive and Gender Affirming Health Care Act” into state law. This dangerous legislation promotes the irreversible medicalization of American children under the guise of “gender-affirming” care, and must be reversed.

IWF ambassador and detransitioner Prisha Mosley said, “A year ago, Governor Lujan Grisham enthusiastically signed a bill that could criminalize individuals who try to interfere with a minor’s attempt to medically ‘transition.’ I was a child who identified as transgender and irreversibly changed my body through drugs and surgery. I then detransitioned as an adult and can tell you first-hand, laws like this are life-threatening and dangerously misinformed.”

Isabelle Ayala, an IWF ambassador and detransitioner who began her medical transition at the age of 14, added, “A year ago, Governor Lujan Grisham signed a bill that celebrates the medicalization of a child’s gender distress. This ill-informed policymaking needs to STOP. We are humans, not your guinea pigs.” 

Governor Lujan Grisham claims the Act “protects” children, yet the new law allows for the destruction of children’s health and futures before they can even give informed consent. Recent leaked documents from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH)—the leading global medical organization for gender “transition”—expose the dangers of allowing vulnerable children to commit irreversible damage to their otherwise healthy bodies. The leaked documents reflect a growing momentum of individuals exposing the painful, life-altering impacts of gender ideology.

On March 16, on the anniversary of “The Reproductive and Gender Affirming Health Care Act” being signed into law, IWF is calling on Governor Lujan Grisham to answer for what this act promotes and its impact on children and families.

As more individuals come to experience the harms of the gender ideology movement first-hand, the stories of detransitioners, parents, and experts are impossible to ignore. While much of the media continues to block them out, Independent Women’s Forum is giving them a voice. Watch, learn, and share HERE.



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