WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) Center for Energy and Conservation (CEC) issued a statement on the finalized Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tailpipe emissions rule. 

CEC Director Gabriella (Gabby) Hoffman said, “The final EPA tailpipe emissions rule still aggressively mandates that 67% of new vehicles sold by 2032 must be electric. Although the agency relaxed some electric vehicle (EV) targets until 2030, it’s still committed to forcing EV adoption in the name of going net-zero.” 

 “Consumers aren’t warming up to EVs and remain skeptical about making the switch.These so-called “clean-cars” are more expensive than gas-powered cars, require multiple charging stops, are built using slave or child labor, and might actually be worse for the environment. With EV excitement waning, the Biden administration must pump the brakes here and pull back its misguided mandate,” Gabby added. 

The original April 2023 rule proposed to limit the amount of greenhouse gas emissions new cars could produce starting with models made in 2027. Supposedly the purpose was to “accelerate the ongoing transition to a clean vehicles future and tackle the climate crisis.” The EPA claimed the rule would result in a 56% reduction in new vehicle emissions between 2027-2032. To comply with the proposal, car makers were told they must aim for a 60% EV fleet by 2030 and 67% EV fleet by 2032, respectively. 

However, current trends suggest that Americans aren’t embracing electric vehicles at a pace to meet these goals. Car dealers have equally warned about EVs going unsold. Even car manufacturers are scaling down EV production, pivoting to hybrid cars or back to gas-powered models. This prompted CNBC last week to declare EV euphoria is dead.  These heavy-handed regulations aren’t going to reverse this trend, but rather will harm the auto industry and leave consumers with fewer and more expensive options.  

The CEC’s mission is to reshape the conversation about American energy and conservation, to educate the public about the benefits of modern energy, including thriving economies and healthy communities, and to level-set fear-based rhetoric surrounding the climate and cultivate meaningful policies that lead to cleaner air, cleaner water, and a lower-emissions future. Importantly, the center connects the role our modern energy industry has played in successful environmental outcomes and a better, more prosperous way of life.



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