Back in February, Independent Women’s Forum exposed the Daughters of the American Revolution’s male-inclusive bylaws in a piece for The Federalist. At DAR’s most recent Continental Congress in June 2023, leadership passed a vaguely-worded addition to their anti-discrimination policy that, unbeknownst to most members, allowed the inclusion of biological men who identify as women. Since then, IWF has been contacted by several current and former DAR members—all reporting on a growing feeling of alienation within the historic society. 

Jane Royce* wrote, “I resigned in late November, while others resigned after the June Continental Congress,” she said. “We still have a few ‘moles’ keeping us updated. Our chapter executive board is fully behind this change [to admit men]. Many members are not even aware of this change, even as they are joining the chapter!” 

She told IWF that some women are discussing leaving DAR and joining the historical group Colonial Dames, which does not allow biological men who identify as women to join. 

“The value [I received from DAR] was faith in God, patriotism, and friendship among other daughters who were interested in history and genealogy. Now, all that is gone,” Royce said. “The fact that DAR has chosen not to stand firm on their values, and that they ‘flexed’ to the political will of the woke community, tells me it’s the wrong organization for me.”

Holly Crane*, another DAR member who contacted IWF, said she was disappointed in DAR leadership but would continue to be a part of the organization, which she said still does “good work.” 

“I found out [that DAR was admitting men] when someone posted it on a DAR Facebook page. Many replies were of surprise and shock. That whole ‘vote’ seemed to have been done so quietly that women at [Continental Congress] didn’t even know about it.”

Not only did few women know about the initial vote, Crane said, but DAR is actively tamping down discussion of this topic in its Facebook groups. 

“Facebook posts are pulled by page administrators,” she said. “We’re told not to ever put out anything political or ideological, and they say that there’s to be no discussion as that causes dissent!”

Despite the society’s issues, Crane said that she plans to stay. 

“It’s a great organization but happens to have a president general with an agenda,” she said.

DAR refused to retract its controversial bylaws and affirmed that males who can produce a birth certificate that lists them as female are eligible to join. With DAR’s next Continental Congress approaching in June, and with more and more members becoming aware of the new bylaws, much-needed discussions will hopefully bring the legitimate concerns of DAR members to light.

*Storytellers’ names have been changed to protect their privacy.