Three Hong Kong freedom fighters who have made it their life’s work to stand up to the Chinese Communist Party and for basic human rights in Hong Kong join the She Thinks podcast this week. Due to their work, all three have been accused of “inciting secession” and “collusion with foreign forces” and currently have $1M bounties on their heads. We discuss the state of Hong Kong, their work, and recent legislation that has struck a blow to the partial autonomy Hong Kong had been promised by China. 

Frances Hui is the Policy and Advocacy Coordinator for the Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation, which works with communities oppressed by the CCP. Anna Kwok is the Executive Director of the Hong Kong Democracy Council (HKDC), a leading nonpartisan, nonprofit organization for Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement and Hong Kongers in the United States. Joey Siu is a Hong Kong activist and Executive Council Member of World Liberty Congress. She played a vital role during Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests of 2019 as a student leader, organizing on-campus and city-wide protests.