Eight Rhode Island medical providers appeared to testify on March 7th in support of a bill shielding gender doctors from lawsuits filed by out-of-state plaintiffs. Two doctors were obstetricians — ironic considering they support sterilizing children, which actively destroys their future patient pool. The bill was held for further study.

Senate Bill 2262, titled Healthcare Provider Shield Act, is more of a healthcare provider sword to brandish against vulnerable patients harmed by “gender-affirming care” because not only does it insulate gender doctors from out-of-state lawsuits, it creates a cause of action for doctors to sue their vulnerable patients back. As a result, patients are not only deterred from having their day in court, but can be punished for it too.

testified as a proxy for Dr. Michelle Cretella, the former Executive Director of the American College of Pediatricians and current Chair of its Sexuality Committee. Dr. Cretella is also a pediatrician consultant to detransition litigation attorneys.