As the majority of Americans prepared to celebrate Easter, President Biden issued a proclamation honoring Transgender Day of Visibility.

The proclamation parroted the trans activists’ dark creed, claiming “bullying,” “harassment” and “discrimination” of people who embrace a transgender identity are causing a “mental health crisis,” suicide and “epidemic of violence.”

The president’s choice to celebrate trans activists’ suicide-soaked false narrative rather than the joy and promise of Easter was cruel to both Christians and the emotionally vulnerable people captivated by trans ideology.

As activist Rachel Crandall-Crocker, a male psychotherapist and founder of Transgender Michigan, created this high holy day in 2009 to spread “trans joy,” the president’s fatalistic proclamation missed the mark.

The administration’s decision to glorify a movement that teaches children they were born in the wrong body on Easter Sunday was also a big mistake.

The vociferous backlash has been too loud to ignore. 

The White House unfortunately dismissed Christians’ concerns as “cruel, hateful, and dishonest rhetoric” and launched a full attack on biological reality, with the Department of State, the Department of Health and Human Services and other federal agencies issuing additional Day of Visibility decrees.

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra honored the country’s “great transgender, nonbinary, and two-spirit leaders” while promising to “double down on our commitment to push the tides of progress forward.”

Rachel Levine, the male assistant secretary for health, vowed to provide children who identify as transgender “access to the 988 program counselors with professionals specially trained to work with them.”

Why are the president and his Cabinet leaders aggressively celebrating trans holidays?

Well-funded trans-activist organizations, including the Human Rights Campaign and GLAAD, feature the day in a trans liturgical calendar already packed with Transgender Day of Remembrance (Nov. 20), Transgender Awareness Week (Nov. 13-19), National Transgender HIV Testing Day (April 18), International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (May 17), Pride Month (June), LGBTQ History Month (October) and, of course, International Pronouns Day (third Wednesday of October).

Brace yourself for many more jubilant presidential proclamations this year.

Clearly, the activists embedded in the Biden administration assumed a country with declining church attendance was ready to fully embrace the tenets and rituals of radical gender ideology.

If fewer Americans planned to grace the pews of local congregations Easter Sunday, surely they would yearn to praise the sacredness of trans lives instead. Wrong.

The response to Biden’s elevation of activist doctrine over the celebration of the most important Christian holiday has been swift and furious.

The administration should not have been surprised.

An avalanche of polls reveal the majority of Americans recognize Biden’s activist-driven agenda harms emotionally vulnerable young people and endangers the women in sports, prisons and other female spaces.

In a 2023 Gallup poll, 69% of Americans reported they believe athletes should compete on teams that align with their sex, an increase from 62% in 2021.

The same poll found most Americans believe changing gender is morally wrong. Per a May 2023 Washington Post-KFF poll, 68% of American adults oppose providing children puberty blockers.

Polls consistently show Americans think schools should not secretly transition children behind parents’ backs.

The administration is advancing a radical agenda against the will of the American people.

Americans must acknowledge an outpouring of outrage over a presidential proclamation will not slow the administration’s trans-activist-drafted agenda.

Transgender holiday proclamations are a silly bit of fluff — an appeasement to the insatiable activists who relentlessly demand more attention and veneration.

Dangerous executive orders and federal policies and rules matter much more than inconsiderately timed proclamations.

In 2022, the administration celebrated Transgender Day of Visibility by detailing federal policies designed to emotionally and physically harm young people seeking medical interventions, eradicate the concept of male and female and allow more men into women’s spaces.

Americans and the policymakers they elect must stop those harmful policies.

Rather than tweeting about proclamations, Americans should demand the end of an agenda that places dangerous men in women’s prisons and requires medical providers to cut off mentally ill young women’s breasts.

After the shock of this year’s Transgender Day of Visibility Easter proclamation dies down, Americans must tap into a similar energy to end the Biden administration’s relentless and radical policy agenda.