WASHINGTON, D.C. —  Today, Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) celebrates the third anniversary since the launch of the Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO) at IWF.

The Center for Economic Opportunity’s goal is to develop and advocate for common-sense policy solutions, grounded in data, to expand workplace choice, flexibility, freedom, and opportunity. The CEO informs the public about how antiquated regulations impede progress, and how proposals to increase government micromanaging of the economy and our workplaces could backfire, especially on women. The center seeks outcomes that measurably improves the lives of women and workers.

Since its launch in 2021, the center has become a necessary voice and trusted source for common-sense policy solutions that improve our economy, strengthen businesses big and small, and expand workplace flexibility, freedom, and opportunity. It has become the leader representing women in the workplace — opposing the Biden administration’s anti-worker rules, and providing the importance counter to the prevailing views of the leftist economic theory and policy.

Center for Economic Opportunity Director Patrice Onwuka said: 

“Women hold multidimensional economic interests. As breadwinners, entrepreneurs, employers, consumers, creators, and wealth generators, they seek policies that further their financial interests, allow them to build fulfilling careers and enterprises, and empower them to craft the lives they desire.

“Women are also best situated to make decisions over their time, money, and lives. However, overreaching government–even if well-intentioned–creates hardships and hurdles that remove their choices and hinder their economic mobility. Independent Women’s Forum’s Center launched the Economic Opportunity to advance common-sense policy solutions that expand workplace choice, flexibility, freedom, and opportunity.

“Count on us to debunk the victimization narrative about women and to fight against government micromanagement of workplaces and the economy. We promote free enterprise because we believe that when government is limited, women and all Americans can enjoy freedom and opportunities.”

Earlier this year, CEO released its Third Edition of Working for Women: A Modern Agenda to Help Women Strive and Thrive. The third edition of “Working for Women” reflects changes in our economy and the need to identify policy reforms that will give women greater opportunities to flourish. The report has been a resource for various policy discussions to solve issues plaguing hope and prosperity in America.



Independent Women’s Forum is dedicated to developing and advancing policies that aren’t just well intended but actually enhance people’s freedom, choices, and opportunities. 

Independent Women’s Forum’s Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO) aims to educate the public about how government policies impact people’s opportunities for economic development and upward mobility.