WASHINGTON, D.C. — Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) celebrates the second anniversary since the launch of the Education Freedom Center (EFC) at IWF.

The Education Freedom Center’s mission is to advance reforms to unleash a more vibrant education marketplace. The EFC supports education funding following students to the education option that best meets their needs; encourages and informs parents considering educational options for their children; and amplifies the voices of parents who are seeking education flexibility and freedom.

The EFC also informs the public about education policies that harm students and disempower parents. The Center exposes the teachers union leaders who are undermining K-12 education, and regularly holds feckless school district bureaucrats responsible for callous COVID-era policies during congressional testimonies and media appearances. Rather than succumbing to dismay over the public K-12 education system’s academic and fiscal chaos, the center encourages the creation of educational options that focus on academic achievement and provide healthy environments for students to learn and thrive. Since its launch in 2022, the center has become a trusted voice for policy solutions that empower parents, support educators, and strengthen educational outcomes for students. It has become a necessary voice on Capitol Hill and in the media as the nation reels from a learning loss and chronic absenteeism crisis exacerbated by prolonged COVID-era closures. The Center counters the falsehoods pedaled by teachers unions and encourages parents and policymakers to embrace the exciting education freedom expansions occurring across the country.

Education Freedom Center Director Virginia (Ginny) Gentles said, “The IWF Education Freedom Center seeks to empower parents with leverage and opportunities. In our first two years, we have testified before Congress four times, advocated for state policies that empower parents and support students, launched the Students Over Systems podcast, appeared on national media outlets, created resources for parents, and written countless op-eds. We’re celebrating the expansion of education freedom options, shining the light on the learning loss and chronic absenteeism crisis, exposing the pernicious influence of the nation’s teachers unions, and unveiling the lies that undermine K-12 education, including ceaseless demands for more funding, radical gender ideology, and book ‘ban’ claims.”

The Center hosts the Students Over Systems podcast, which features the advocates and beneficiaries of education freedom. Guests have included former governors Doug Ducey, Scott Walker, and Jeb Bush, as well as Senator Tim Scott (SC) and school choice advocate Virginia Walden Ford.



Independent Women’s Forum is dedicated to developing and advancing policies that aren’t just well intended but actually enhance people’s freedom, choices, and opportunities.

IWF’s Education Freedom Center (EFC) advances school choice and empowers parents by advocating for a more vibrant education marketplace. The EFC informs the public about the benefits of education freedom and highlights school choice as a solution to the power imbalance between parents and unresponsive school districts.