IWF’s Center for American Safety and Security Director Meaghan Mobbs joins She Thinks podcast to discuss her recent trip to the border, spanning Del Rio to Eagle Pass, also known as the epicenter of the migrant crisis. We examine state efforts to impede unlawful crossings and drug smuggling, and Meaghan shares her conversations with those on the ground.  

Meaghan Mobbs is the Director of the Center for American Safety and Security at IWF and is an experienced nongovernmental policy and political leader. She previously served as a presidential appointee to the United States Military Academy-West Point Board of Visitors and is a current gubernatorial appointee to the Virginia Military Institute Board of Visitors. She concurrently serves as Vice President for Client Strategies at LINK, where she provides strategic advice on public affairs matters. Meaghan is known for her research into understanding the unique psychosocial stressors of service during a time of war and has frequently published on this topic. Meaghan is a former paratrooper and combat veteran who serves on the board of multiple organizations dedicated to assisting service members in the transition to civilian life.